Eric Halvorson Campaign Sign

Representing the 39th District in Olympia means understanding and balancing a rural lifestyle with growing economic diversity, from berry farms to cutting-edge technology. It means putting partisan bickering aside and working for everyone. That’s the commitment Eric Halvorson brings to the table.

This year, we have the chance to elect a representative who understands and embraces the uniqueness of life in the 39th District. Someone who will always put sound public policy ahead of partisan politics and people ahead of dollar signs. It’s time for a leader who actually cares about serving the public. It’s time for Eric Halvorson. Your support and vote would be appreciated.

Meet Eric:

photo of Eric Halvorson

Eric has longstanding ties to the Pacific Northwest. His mother’s family has resided in King County since 1851, while his father’s parents arrived here on a boat from Norway. Eric’s father was a Boeing machinist who took a job delivering pizzas during a strike. His mother had her hands full taking care of the home. On weekends the family would drive around Washington in a used travel trailer, camping in the Skagit Valley and North Cascades all the way up to Leavenworth.

Eric was raised in Burien in a working-class household. They never had tons of money or entire wings of hospitals named after them (an unrelated Halvorson family does). Indeed, Eric’s family often struggled to make ends meet. Eric’s parents raised him to understand no job is beneath any person. That ethic is what inspired Eric to put himself through college by waiting tables and tending bar. Eric will fight to preserve opportunity for everyone who wants to work, because he understands the dignity gained by earning one’s way through life.

Eric and his wife Meredith live in Monroe with his two children, ages 14 and 10, who attend public school in the Monroe School District. Meredith works at Evergreen Hospice. Together they run an animal rescue farm out of their home.